Business Intelligence

The modern business generates a large amount of data and it is imperative to be able to answer complex business questions in a simple and consistent manner. Azuro's in-depth understanding of these questions and proven track record of data handling and analysis enables us to provide you with simple answers to these questions.

Customer Engagement

Azuro has helped many organisations (big and small) to integrate customer engagement as a core focus and value of their business culture. Azuro has helped companies engage more fully with their customers; from the acquisition phase to higher customer retention ratio's and most importantly, significant growth in their customer database figures.

Document Generation

DocFusion can help you manage the ever-increasing volume of documents and data that your business needs to handle on a daily basis. Our solutions help you address the challenges related to advanced document generation and management, digital signatures and data processing as well as all relevant areas of compliance.

Mobile Applications

There are over 1.3 billion connected mobile devices and users today; and this number is exploding by the minute with millions of new devices being sold daily. It is a whole new market! People are doing business with their smart phones, iPadsĀ® and Tablets!

Document Management

There are currently 400 petabytes (10^15 bytes) of office documents produced in the world. With over a billion office users, this number is increasing daily. Even if your organisation is not generating documents at that scale, keeping track of and organising these documents are a mammoth task that takes up a lot of management and staff time.

Bespoke Development

Some problems are unique to certain companies and available software has not solved every business problem. At Azuro our highly skilled analysts and developers will assist your organization to solve these complex and unique problems that are own to your business environment, with innovative solutions that are cost effective and future proof.



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